Flooding the Earth with God's Presence


God wants us to be saturated with his Presence. Learning how to spend time in the Presence of God, receiving from Him, is a huge key to see our lives develop into a blossoming relationship with Christ. You can find an amazing contentment in the Presence of God through nurturing your devotional life with the Lord. God calls us to live out of a place of intimate encounter with Him.


Soaking Music

There is nothing more satisfying than God's Presence.  Soaking music can help us to enter in to a living experience with God.  There are all kinds of sound in the world, but God has His sound.  His sound of worship helps us to connect with Him.

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Take Action

We really appreciate your partnering with Overflow Global Ministries.  One of the values that we hold most dear is the simplicity of loving God and even more how much God loves us.  In this we learn how to love one another.  This is a priceless characteristic of God’s people and can only happen by a revelation of His love for us.

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Restoring the Attractive Beauty to God's House

I. The Restorer at Work

From beginning to end God's nature is one of restoration. God is the ultimate Restorer. He is always working to restore things that have been worn, bringing them into new condition.  I was recently shown in a vision the restoration that God is working in the hearts and lives of people.  His house is comprised of many parts just as a literal house has many elements to it.



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