Meet Brandi Belt

Brandi carries the miraculous power of God’s presence with a passion to see her generation reached with the reality of the Gospel.

Who is Brandi Belt?

Hey Friend! I’m Brandi – an American Evangelist currently living in Oklahoma City. I stood trembling in a pulpit for the first time at 15-years-old. Now my focus is empowering a generation to walk in the miraculous power of God, live in the presence of God, and display the love of God in everything they do.

What’s my story? Here’s the short version…

My amazing parents prioritized teaching me how to connect with God from a young age along with the importance of serving those less fortunate.

After struggling to understand God was after personal relationship and looking for whole-hearted surrender – I had an encounter that changed my life as I was graduating college.

Once God became tangible – my life was forever changed. 

Since then, I’ve been as a youth minister, led mission trips to third world countries, planted two churches, pastored a third church, and traveled the world speaking to tens of thousands about the presence and miraculous power of God. One of the best parts is I get to do it with my husband, John.

Today, I work with next generation ministry leaders, helping them to live a life committed to God and walk in the fullness of His calling as a visionary, communicator, and catalyst for transformation. 

I also travel the world speaking at events to ignite faith for the impossible and share everything I’ve learned through our teaching resources.

God has amazing things in store for you! And I’m devoted to helping you walk in the fullness of all He has for you – while having lots of fun in the process!

I would love for you to join me each week as we pursue God together.

Grow Closer to God

Develop your relationship with Jesus.

Brandi shares real-world testimonies of God’s amazing power, teaches you how to cultivate His presence and empowers you to share His love everywhere you go.

Experience God

Ignite your faith for the impossible.

Join Brandi to experience God personally, learn how to encounter God on your own in everyday life, and stretching your faith to give away Jesus to others outside church walls.

Official Bio

Brandi Belt carries the miraculous power of God’s presence with a passion to see her generation reached with the reality of the Gospel. She clearly communicates Biblical truth with the demonstration of the Kingdom of God through signs, wonders, and miracles. Brandi and her husband, John, founded Overflow Global Ministries and reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.