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in taking the miraculous power of
God's Presence to the nation


One of the simplest and most powerful pictures we see in scripture is how Jesus came to help us.  Not only that but He did not leave us as orphans but sent His Spirit to indwell us as The Helper.  God is the Ultimate Helper and calls us as well to be those who help others.  As His hands extended we can offer help in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the things we are doing to help to serve Christ and people.  We invite you to join us as we can help others together. 

When you become a partner with us you help to…

Establish Community & Host Events

Enable us to bring the reality of God’s Presence and the Miraculous through the local church, mentoring events and conferences in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and abroad.

Support us as we host regional events that bring the power of  God’s Presence in the Holy Spirit to different regions.

Provide Mentoring, Training & Equipping 

 We are committed to mentor, train and equip God’s people to walk in His glory and power to establish His Kingdom in the various spheres of society and throughout the world.

Reach the Younger Generation

Providing internships for Millennials to train up and launch the next generation of Christian leaders.

End Human Trafficking & Poverty

Help bring human trafficking to an end as we are actively engaged in Cambodia to support orphans, bringing them out of a forced environment of prostitution.

We are partnering with organizations to eradicate poverty in third-world nations through feeding programs, education sponsorships, and micro-business creation.

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