Instrumental Worship Songs


Instrumental worship songs are a nice way to hang out in God’s Presence. ? David played instrumental worship on the harp soothing the soul of King Saul from distressing spirits. ?Because David’s heart was abiding in the Presence of the Lord he had an anointing of God’s Presence on his life that could change atmospheres through the music he played.
It is amazing how sound can have such an impact on people, musical sound in particular. ?Our generation is “wired for sound”. ?Just by adding some music behind a motion picture, it changes the entire feel of what is being presented in video. ?How much more can we, through our abiding in the Presence of God, change atmospheres through our instruments and sounds of worship to God.

David tells us to sing to the Lord “a new song”. ?It is always good to have a song of worship in our hearts to God. ?It keeps us connected to the Source of all things. ?With God’s Presence in our lives there is nothing that can stand before us that we cannot overcome.

If you play an instrument, surrender you heart to be committed to God’s Presence. ?Create instrumental worship songs to God and learn to change atmospheres in turn affect people’s lives with His love and peace.

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