• Breaking Bad Life Cycles

    When I first came to the Lord at age 19 I remember asking the Lord to restore my heart and mind as I was laying hands on myself in the place of prayer. Knowing that I had come out of a lot of stuff in the world I knew that I needed a refreshing and […]

  • Living as Sons of Promise

    God has such great things in store for us as His own sons and daughters. He wants us to know His faithfulness, His goodness and that His promises are true. God is always looking for faith. He is looking for those who are not settling for less but are always drawing near to Him no […]

  • The Fruit of Your Life

    Do you know that God wants you to bear “much fruit”? Can you know what that fruit looks like or is it just a mystery? In a recent dream the Lord spoke to me through a question – then giving me the answer. The question was “WHAT IS THE GOAL?” I started to think about […]

  • The Excellency of Jesus

    What do you think about when you think of “excellence?” Some may think of perfectionism. When we are talking about God we have to understand that He is the Author of excellence and is excellent! When we look up the word “excellent” in the Hebrew it has so many positive explicit and implicit meanings. Here […]

  • Finding the Flow and Breakthrough in Worship

    Recently in a vision I saw that there are people who are in a place of frustration regarding their worship. More specifically because there was no real breakthrough in the worship. It was like they were hitting a wall and there was no to little effect in shifting the spiritual atmosphere. Having been caught up […]

  • Seeking the Things of God

    The Lord wants us to be seeking the things of heaven! God has unlimited blessings for us to experience as we seek Him with the whole heart. Heaven is loaded with wonder in what we can learn and experience – even lasting throughout eternity. All the we interact with on the earthly plain is either […]