Oklahoma City Launch Team

God promises His glory will cover the earth and Overflow Church is looking for Kingdom-minded people to join us as a community of God’s presence and power in Oklahoma City.

Our heart is to inspire your personal faith, citywide transformation and empower you to take the gospel around the world.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is our Lord, God, King, Savior and Friend. He has an awesome plan of hope and purpose for Oklahoma City, the USA, and the nations of the earth. You have a part to play!

Overflow Church Commitment

→ Teach you how to live as a habitation of God’s presence.

→ Ignite your faith to step out and walk in God’s power.

→ Equip you to grow as a true disciple of Christ – challenging you to look more like Jesus every day.

→ Launch you into what God has for you by encouraging the use of your gifts.

→ Press-in for citywide revival, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and cultural transformation.

Overflow Team Commitment

→ Pray to help open and prepare the way for God’s miraculous power to transform lives.

→ Gather with us for prayer walks, nights of ministry, home groups, community meals, conferences and more.

→ Serve by using your gifts, talents, and time to serve both in the ministry and in the community.

→ Give generously to support the work of the ministry financially by giving faithfully on a monthly basis.

→ Share the Gospel with people outside the walls of the church to see lives transformed.

Join the Community

Do you have a heart to help Oklahoma City tangibly experience God? Would you like to serve God in an atmosphere of revival, weighty presence, signs and wonders? Join the Overflow Launch Team and let God use you in a fresh, new way.

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