Join us for our upcoming Gay Pride Outreach – September 24-26 in Oklahoma City!

Light belongs in the darkness!

You can shift the atmosphere as a carrier of the glory of God to see the lives of people transformed.

At the Gay Pride Festival people are searching for love through counterfeit methods because they haven’t yet experienced the love of God. Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit – you can communicate to the modern-day culture to help them have a personal encounter with Jesus.

We are believing for salvation, miracles and a tangible shift in the atmosphere. The goal of this outreach is to help people have a personal experience with Jesus by the Holy Spirit. This outreach is not about trying to intellectually convince people of their need for God.

Our booth will be offering Free Spiritual Readings and True Reflections along with sending teams out on Treasure Hunts.

You can make yourself available for one weekend to be a conduit of the presence of God to fill you to see lives impacted and people are set free.

What’s Included

Live Group Zoom Trainings
(We will offer four opportunities – you must attend two of the Zoom meetings.)

  • The first training before the event will include how we treat one another, how to be respectful, how to have the character and fruit of the Spirit. Jesus said the world would know us by our fruit – not our gifts.
  • The second training before the event will include how we run the Free Spiritual Readings, True Reflections, Treasure Hunts, and focused on operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Outreach

  • Opportunities from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon. You do not need to attend the entire event.

Outreach Prayer Guide

  • Everything is birthed in prayer, including the breakthroughs we will see at the outreach.

You must apply to be part of the outreach team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you believe homosexuality, transgender, bisexuality, sex outside of marriage, pornography, etc. are sin? Yes, we believe the Bible is clear all of them are outside the will of God and sin.

Do you let people at the event know you are Christians? After ministering to someone we let them know the person they encountered was Jesus.

Will I see inappropriate sexual acts while on the outreach? Every outreach is different but go with an expectation you will see things that make you uncomfortable and grieve the Holy Spirit.

Why do I have to apply to be a part of your outreach? As the leaders of the outreach, we are responsible for everyone on the team. We want to make sure this event will be a good fit for you.