Praise Flags: A Constant Reminder Of God's Presence

The use of praise flags and worship flags in Christian churches and ceremonies is rapidly growing in popularity. They have been incorporated into church services, prayer and prophecy sessions, Christian conferences, house church services and anywhere where Christians unite to worship God. There are no rules or regulations to using these items to show your devotion to God. Individual churches may establish certain routines or methods for their respective services for unity and order. Otherwise, a praise or worship flag can be displayed in whatever manner you please to represent your devotion and commitment to the Lord.
Construction and Designs

The construction of a praise flag generally consists of a colorful piece of material displaying either a picture or Biblical message mounted on a wooden or plastic pole. They are made out of light fabrics which flutter easily as they are waved. They can be any size and shape with your choice of design or message embedded on the fabric. Online manufacturers of praise flags display a wide array of styles and designs for you to choose from in diverse shapes and sizes. These can be purchased in bulk for Christian churches and organizations or in smaller numbers for small groups of worshipers wishing to incorporate them in their times of devotion.

Praise flag designs and colors can be categorized into different groups to correspond with the theme of your worship. Purple flags symbolize the royal lineage of Jesus; white symbolizes repentance and purity of forgiveness; and the color scarlet stands for healing. Some of the more common symbols or pictures you might see on worship flags include a lion to represent the Lion of Judah, a dove, a lamb, a cross, etc. They are usually rectangular in shape and range from small sizes children can wave to larger adult size products. Multicolored swallowtail praise flags, designed similar to the tail of the bird, are a beautiful sight to behold when waved in unison in a praise group setting. Other designs include small half-moons, wing shapes, red and gold fire flags which symbolize the Holy Spirit and more.

Uses of Praise Flags

Worship flags can be used in diverse ways to show respect and adoration for God. Churches often incorporate their use within their service to accompany times of singing. While the choir or church members sing, a certain group within the congregation may wave their flags in unison with the music as a form of praise. Special holiday church services may also display these products to correspond with the occasion.

There are many other forms of using worship flags outside of church. Christians who congregate for prayer or prophecy sessions may use them at some point during their meeting to show their devotion to the Lord. These times could be structured to emphasize a specific point in the meeting, promote a specific cause or raise awareness of a specific need. During a prayer meeting, for example, worship flags could be displayed to rally Christians to pray for individuals or nations or events in need. In Christian outreach ministries, these items could be used to promote evangelism or support of missionaries around the world. They can initiate a meeting or event, be used anytime during the event or can signal the meeting end. These are all details that the individuals organizing or leading these events would need to work out in advance.

Praise flags are useful tools in defining Christian ministries and rallying support for these causes. Whether your outreach involves intercessory prayer, praise and worship, evangelizing, prophesying or educating others in Christian principles and morals, these symbolic flags can help unite the hearts of your congregation and bring recognition to your cause. When people witness these powerful signs of Christian love and dedication in motion, there is no mistaking the message you are trying to portray.

Many Christians opt to obtain a personal praise flag for their home or office as a symbol of their commitment to the Lord. These are a constant reminder to them and to others of their devotion to God. These items with their beautiful designs and colors and potent messages can leave a lasting impression on the lives of others. They are a constant reminder of God’s presence and love.

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