Women of Revival

Get ready for 2021 by rooting your identity in Christ and clarifying your purpose.

Women of Revival is a hands-on, interactive small group discipleship experience where Brandi Belt and Heather Williams, will be equipping you to root your identity in Christ and clarify your purpose going into 2021.

This is your time to shine.

This year has been full of uncertainty, some disappointments and yet excitement for the things to come.

It’s easy to question the foundation of your identity when so many areas of your life have been shaken. It’s easy to feel lost when the purpose you had been working toward stopped or disappeared almost overnight.

Yet this is the time God is calling you to arise and shine like never before!

In Women of Revival, we will be equipping you to root your identity in Christ and define your purpose so you can fully launch into 2021.

You will accelerate your growth as you receive personal ministry, prophetic counsel, and insight to develop your gifts.

With Women of Revival, you get access to…

→ Weekly teaching from Brandi and Heather.

→ A private Facebook community to interact, ask questions, and connect with like-minded women.

→ Live Zoom call to access, process, and pray with Brandi and Heather.

→ Special live Zoom call specifically for women in vocational ministry.


November 2 – December 13

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Women of Revival is free – we want to sow into your personal growth.

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This group is open to all Christian women – the form helps us better serve you.

Women of Revival

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